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WITZ(윗츠) Performance Video #1

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Who's here before they become big
Autor - Alexandria Gonzales
as a german fella i really cant take their group name serious but theyre good tho
Autor - ksyroses
Just to avoid any confusion:
In the future you might see lots of german comments and people laughing at these comments...don't worry, that's just because "Witz" is the german word for "joke" and we love to play around with words 😂
Autor - Pinkfluffyelefant
Dont know who they are or how they ended up im my reccomendations but im not complaining
Good job boys 👍👍 will be waiting for your debut
Autor - so so
✔WITZ official twitter

Also sind die jz der offizielle witz?

Ok sorry das musste sein 😂
Autor - Lisa Tran
meine deutsch sprechende fellaz wissen schon was los ist
Autor - sᴛᴀɴ ᴄʀᴀᴄᴋʜᴇᴀᴅs sᴛᴀɴ sᴛʀᴀʏ ᴋɪᴅs
When you understand that they’re only 3 🙄
Autor - Maud Chancelier
Das is ja ein (sehr guter) Witz!
Autor - 킴방
Also deren Musik ist echt kein Witz ey.
Autor - Taes Waifu
Amazing rappers: ✔️
Amazing vocalists: ✔️
Amazing dancers: ✔️
Amazing visuals: ✔️
Amazing song: ✔️

I bet you'll make it big someday!
Autor - Pinkfluffyelefant
i thought the whole nine people in the video were the overall group, but i realized there are only three members lol.
good luck on your debut guys, i sincerely support you. always be humble and be strong whatever happens. 데뷔 축하합니다!!! 항상 화이팅하시고 힘을 내요!!!!
Autor - bellen mouretta
Witz means joke in Germany....strange name :D
Autor - Tube Bandits
Das ist doch ein Witz oder?

I Love it! XD
Autor - Taess Lol
*a new stan has entered the fandom*
Autor - BLUE 56
Only three members and you have all that strength as a group. I've fallen in love with that rap and those vocals, like wow. Kudos to you guys you're doing great.
Autor - Annie Rouge
Me and ma german fellas now have inside Witze nobody else gets🤣
Autor - Yang Yang for Bundeskanzler
Is this a christmas present for me from the spirit of kpop? Is the spirit telling me to support this new group??
Autor - f kumorino
1st to sing - yoon kyeongheon
2nd to sing - jimyoung
Rapper - Eson
Autor - Covi Díaz
Dozens of Talented groups debuting in 2019

My Mind: Malfunctioning
Die heißen einfach Witz
Autor - JKKpop
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